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How would you rate changes in the following on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is unchanged and 10 is dramatically changed?

How interested are you, now that you’ve taken part in the summer program, in the following areas?    
    Not at all interested A little interested Interested Very interested

Now that the program is over, how CONFIDENT are you in your OWN ABILITY to:
    Cannot do at all Probably cannot do Probably can do Definitely can do

How much do you agree with the following statements, now that the program is over?

    Strongly disagree Mildly Disagree Neutral: neither agree nor disagree Mildly agree Strongly Agree

Did you visit the Adler Planetarium during the last 2 weeks? 

Rate each of the following working styles compared to your experience in school, where 1 is what you are used to at school and 10 is really different from what you are used to at school.

With whom? 

Check all the items that describe your All-Stars experience.